Admin area

Product Style Admin Area

In the Product Style admin area, you will find everything you need to control every aspect of your new plugin. The first link on the left is called Product Style Info and refers to the main page. Here you will find information about the current version of the plugin, news from Ryan Stevenson, training and more. Here is what the top of the admin area looks like.

product style admin area links





The first time you visit the Product Style Admin Area page after installing the plugin, you will see a light red or pink shaded area with a New Install Checklist to help you get started. Below that you will see the Successful Upgrade Checklist for important steps to follow whenever you do an upgrade. Here are a couple of typical screen shots of what you might see in the alerts area.

product style alerts areas


Once you follow the instructions in the alerts boxes, you can begin to explore all of the other info on the page.

Product Style Admin Area – Settings

One of the most important links in the Product Style admin area takes you into the "Settings" panel where you will need to enter all of your affiliate program specific information as well as other info that ensures that the plugin will work properly for you. We will discuss this in greater detail in another page.

Product Style Admin Area – Links

The rest of the links on the Product Style admin area page consist of Auto Amazon, Products, Styles, Sites, Charts, Ads and Help, which complete the plugin and we will explore each one of those in depth on separate pages.

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